Jack Wellman's Professional Background

Prior to establishing Wellman Insights LLC in 2013, Jack served as a C-level executive
of both private and public firms, applying professional, strategic management techniques
and processes to complex organizations.   Raised in a family of self-made entrepreneurs,

Jack understands the unique dynamics and opportunities facing entrepreneurs in leading  

growing, increasingly complex business organizations. 


After earning his MBA from Harvard Business School, Jack focused his first 15 years of his career on bringing professional management to his family's manufacturing business which grew to over $100 million in revenue with operations in the US, Ireland, United Kingdom and Germany.  In the mid-1980's he represented his family in the successful sale of the company.

Jack then shifted his focus to the staffing and recruiting services industry and joined Oxford Global Resources in 1986. 

Initially a small staffing firm, Oxford grew to over $100 million in annual revenue over the next twelve years.  Jack's leadership of its strategic and tactical planning, organizational development, and implementation of new concepts in staffing and recruiting were critical to achieving these results. 

Jack then joined Joule Inc. as its President/COO in 1998 for the challenge of being a C-level manager of a public corporation.   Over the next fifteen years Jack grew Joule's annual revenues from $40+ million in 1998 to over $125 million in 2013 as the result of both organic growth and three successful acquisitions.  In late 2013, Jack represented the shareholders in the successful sale of Joule Inc. at values exceeding their expectations.

In addition to revenue growth, Jack dramatically improved the quality of revenues in terms of gross profit as a percentage of sales.  Quality and Quantity are both important targets for Jack and his management teams. 

Jack has also been an active leader in the national and state industry associations.  Being on the forefront of industry issues and opportunities has helped him bring significant advantages to his firms over the years.

In all of these business opportunities, Jack has come to value the supreme importance of developing an enthusiastic, empowered, and engaged management team that is fully committed to building an organizational culture that engages the entire organization to a common Vision and Identity where...

  • the team's success is vital to the individual's success
  • individual contributions are valuable and critical
  • continued improvement and change are absolutely required for the firm to grow and achieve new levels of success!

Professional, strategic management skills.... sales growth achievement... leadership/management team development.... organizational development.... change management.... organizational culture.... brand management.... financial acumen.... acquisitions .... sales of companies... all these skills and experiences are available to Wellman Insights' clients.