Your Interim Executive

You don't have to put everything on hold.

Whether an immediate, short-term need for an interim executive is due to an unforeseen vacancy, the need to bolster your executive team to launch a new initiative, or other strategic business purpose, an interim executive offers terrific advantages:

  • The executive can be in place within days rather than weeks or months, the engagement is mission specific and highy flexible, the executive brings his/her expertise and experience immediately to bear, everyone is focused on specific results and outcomes, and the interim executive has a responsibility for identifying and developing successor management talent.

Businesses incur significant costs associated with extended vacancies and postponing initiatives that are critical to the business's future success. 
Yes, there is a cost to engaging an interim executive but in most cases it is minimal compared to the long term benefit of addressing the business's need NOW!   Wellman Insights can help keep your business on track - on time with the right interim executive!

Your Business Advisor

At your present level of success you have earned the right to have don't have to do everything on your own!

Business owners and entrepreneurs face enormous pressures to succeed.  As businesses grow, entrepreneurs quickly find themselves challenged by their new situation.  They are now 100% working IN the business...and 0% working ON the business.   When they reach this stage, they need the help of a trusted Business Advisor to provide insights, discuss their challenges and possible solutions, validate their plans, and assist both the entrepreneur and the business to achieve new levels of success.  Otherwise owners discover that their businesses will start stagnating and their level of satisfaction dissipates.

If you feel you're at this stage, you need your own personal  Business Advisor to assist you and your business transition to your next successful growth phase.

As your Business Advisor, Wellman Insights can provide to you personally and to your business: 

  • An initial assessment, someone to whom you can talk about a business issue, strategic plan development, management development (both individual and team), sales management, organizational development, and the other initiatives that concern you.

You already have trusted advisors for many aspects of your business - your accountant and lawyer to name a few.  But do you as an owner/manager and your business have a trusted advisor for these other issues and challenges? Call us today to see if having a Business Advisor in your corner is what you need.

Practice Areas

Your Consultant

You don't have to tackle all your issues and concerns alone.

Business owners and entrepreneurs take advantage of our firm's expertise to achieve specific tactical and strategic objectives.  These projects can range from focused, limited engagements to more strategic complex projects.  Examples of recent projects:

  • Creation of a business development and account management team, compensation programs including incentive programs, business planning, identifying where processes are out of alignment with the business objectives, Key Performance Indicators/Dashboard development, and many more.

Consulting projects are specific with a limited time commitment and detailed objective.  Wellman Insights commits not only to assist our clients in developing solutions/recommendations to the challenges/opportunities presented, but also to remain engaged to insure that your business implements the agreed plans and achieves the desired outcomes.  Unlike most consultants, Wellman Insights sees the process through!  Let Wellman Insights bring its expertise to bear on one or many of your important challenges or opportunities today!